van de Werve Family Association

  Although the van of Werve have an old history, it is only in 1970 that they decided to create a family association.


  The association aims to keep and develop familial ties as well as solidarity between its members, to maintain the family’s spirit and traditions and keep into the familial heritage all documents and objects presenting an interest to it.


  The family association ordered and published a historical account of the Family, "Les van de Werve - 800 ans d 'histoire" that spans these eight centuries. Research has been conducted by the Archivist of the city of Antwerp, M. Alfons Bousse, and the text was written by M. Yves Schmitz.

  The members of the Association convene annually at the general meeting that usually takes place in September.
It is an occasion to better know each other between cousins.


  An update of family events allows one to better follow the evolution of the Family.

Moreover, an unpublished familial anecdote taken from the family archives is usually told.


  The "Carnets van de Werve", the annual review of the familial association, aims to be the link between all our members. They are written to learn unknown or little known facts, inform members about the latest familial happenings and discover inside history of the Family.


  There are two categories of members : regular and associate members.

Those who qualify as regular members have to be legitimate descendants, male or female, of Louis-Paul, count van de Werve de Vorsselaer (1791-1850) and of Jeanne-Louise Gillès (1792-1866), as far as they are or have been called van de Werve and are 18 years old during the year of the general meeting.

Those who qualify as associate members are spouses (or widowers) of a lady born van de Werve.

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